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Dollar-Cost Average your favourite US Stocks, ETFs & Mutual Funds at your own pace.
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Why Regular Savings Plan?
Diversified Portfolio
Choose your favourite US Stocks, ETFs & Mutual Funds
Low Entry Barriers
Start as low as USD5** by using your buying power
At Your Own Pace
Set frequency from every trading day, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
0 Platform Fee* & Hassle- free
Sit back & relax! Let your money work for you automatically.
*Refer to our fee schedule here
**For US Stocks & ETFs, min. USD0.50 commission fee applies. The minimum investment amount of Mutual Funds is subjected to each fund.
For Your Busy Schedule
No time to place your US Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds orders? Webull's Regular Savings Plan is perfect for you to stay invested.
Hands Off the Wheel
Decide on the amount, the frequency and when to start. Your money will work for you automatically!
A Peace of Mind
By using the Dollar-Cost Averaging strategy, you don't have to worry about the market's volatility.
Set up your Regular Savings Plan today!
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What is Regular Saving Plan (RSP)?
What can I invest in for RSP?
What is the minimum amount for investment in RSP?
How do I set up my RSP?
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