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What is Moneybull?

Moneybull is a wealth management tool designed for accounts to earn a yield on idle cash while maintaining liquidity and low risk.

The yield is generated by automatically investing your idle cash into underlying cash funds.


Mutual Funds and Moneybull differ in their offerings.

Mutual Funds are products we offer that allow clients to manually subscribe/redeem within our platform.

Moneybull is a feature that enables automatic subscription/redemption of idle cash into the underlying cash funds.

Clients can manually subscribe to the same cash funds as Moneybull through Mutual Funds Center subscription. However, choosing to subscribe to the same cash fund through Mutual Funds Center will not allow the market value of the position to be used as Buying Power for trading purposes.

In the case of Moneybull (USD/SGD), your idle cash will be automatically subscribed to the underlying cash fund.

In addition, 99% of the market value of your Moneybull positions will be added to your Buying Power for trading purposes. If you do not have sufficient cash to settle your trades in the same currency, your Moneybull position will be automatically redeemed to settle your trades.

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