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How do I trade Fractional Shares?

Webull only offers and supports the trading of Fractional Shares for selected US stocks and ETFs. Counters that can be traded as Fractional Shares will have a green diamond logo indicator, which can be located at the top right of the page after tapping on it.

To execute a Fractional Shares trade:

1. Tap on the stock and ensure that it can trade fractional shares by checking if this counter has the green diamond logo indicator at the top right of the page

2. Tap "Trade"

3. Tap "Order Type"

4. Select "MARKET - Fractional Shares Trading Enabled"

5. Select "Amount in Share" or "Amount in USD"


1. Only Market Order is allowed for Fractional Shares trading, and Short Selling is not supported.

2. The minimum value and quantity of a Fractional Share trade is USD 5 and up to 3 decimal places (0.001).

3. US Fractional Shares are only tradable during US Regular Trading Hours.
4. Fractional Shares trading is only available on the Webull Mobile App.

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